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Why Choose CFX?

  • On time delivery
  • Team drivers
  • 24/7 Availability
  • Nationwide drop trailer availability
  • Qualcomm TrailerTRACS temperature monitoring system
  • Competitive Pricing
  • Unparalleled customer service

CFX originally started in 1992 as Toor Transportation. Founded by Gurmail Toor, the fledgling company had just one truck that Gurmail would personally drive. Thanks to his commitment to service and on-time delivery, the company quickly grew, Gary and Paul, Sons of Gurmail Toor, later Joined the company and expanded to 12 trucks. As demand increased, they together formed California Freight Xpress, Inc. Today, the Fresno-based company operates a fleet of nearly 150 trucks and is quickly becoming one of the premier refrigerated trucking companies in the nation.

CFX is one of the leading delivery companies in Fresno. We plan to become the leader in the industry across the country. With the help of our loyal customers we grow everyday in strength and commitment. CFX has one of the finest fleet of vehicles and an equally good team to complement each other. This ensures world class service to our end clients who are always impressed with our service and frequently refer us to their friends..


While staying true to the hard work that has made CFX a success, our vision is to provide local and long haul transport to businesses across the nation. It is our belief that the hard work that has always been the secret to our success, combined with excellent customer service, and unbeatable reliability will help other businesses grow and excel.